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Black Lives Matter

“The arts have always been considered to be an essential component of great societies. In order for the arts to contribute to understanding of the human condition, students must be given guaranteed access to the highest quality of art education possible. This education will serve students and all citizens in using their guaranteed right of freedom of speech in the pursuit of social justice while improving the quality of life each of us enjoy as Americans.” — Dr. F. Robert Sabol

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The mission of the Maryland Art Education Association is to advocate for and advance art education in Maryland to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding. We recognize systemic racism and injustice towards black and brown people as a barrier to this mission; and we remain committed to equity and access for our students and educators of color. As a professional association, we hold these positions aligned to goals in breaking barriers to equity, in creating connections to diversity, and in cultivating a community of inclusion:

  • MAEA recognizes the importance of visual arts education to raise critical consciousness, foster empathy and respect for others, build community, and motivate people to promote positive social change. (read more)

  • MAEA is committed to the important role of visual art education in providing and promoting more just, inclusive learning communities in local and global contexts, and embraces diversity as an integral part of the mission of visual art education. The mosaic of our global humanity is enriched and expanded by the inclusion of all peoples and cultures and the art forms they create. (read more)

  • MAEA believes open communication is essential to the preservation of a free democratic society and a creative culture. The visual, performing, and literary arts are among our most effective instruments of freedom. They are powerful means for expressing ideas and feelings, responding to social justice issues and current events, envisioning new possibilities for humankind, problem solving, and improving human life. (read more)

  • MAEA believes in the importance of intentionally and proactively attracting, recruiting and retaining future art educators from a wide range of backgrounds. We value diversity, equity, and access in the field of visual art education and believe the field is stronger when represented and practiced by a full spectrum of professionals. (read more)

The events which have unfolded over the past few weeks remind us there is still much more to be done. We need to be better and to do more. The Maryland Art Education Association remains committed - in words and in action - to hold public discussions; sponsor professional learning programs; to publish resources that promote social justice in arts education throughout Maryland.

Join us on Monday, June 22 at 2:00 p.m. for an online discussion about how we will move forward. All members are welcome. Please contact us through to receive login information.

We hope that you will support and engage in this important work with us.



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