MAEA offers a wide range of professional development activities for teachers across the state of Maryland.  From informal gatherings at regional cultural institutions to hands on making workshops, MAEA seeks to provide innovative and

relevant content.


Professional Workshops

Through our annual series of themed professional learning workshops, we deliver content that is relevant to an art educator’s context, helps with planning and improving instruction, recognizes teachers as professionals with valuable insights, and honors them as makers and educators.


Connecting Communities

Online meetings, written articles reflecting on new learning, and panel discussions hosted by leaders in the field.


The annual exhibit at the MAEA Conference highlights the work of art educators from across the state in displaying their work resulting from the year’s professional learning series.

Supporting Artistic Practice

Summer 2020 Professional Learning

Participants will explore how to strategically advocate within their school or local school system and with community partners to advance the arts in Maryland schools. This will be evidenced by strong leadership and communication plans for outreach and building partnerships.  By the end of this course participants will be able to  – 

  • Evaluate their leadership identity; identify their leadership style; and develop “growth plans” for reaching into other styles of leadership.

  • Evaluate and analyze their assertiveness while exploring strategies to shape conversations and to keep teamwork productive.

  • Evaluate their listening skills and consider how this influences a leader’s ability to build relationships and the importance of relationships when inducing change.

  • Identify current issues in arts educations while discovering processes for digging to the root causes of these issues.

  • Reflect and connect new learning to their current context and commit to new action. 

  • Explore how narrative develops followers and three constructs of leadership.   

  • Develop a theory of change and explore the resources they have to implement change. 

  • Identify strategies they might use to lead change.   

  • Evaluate and analyze the level of collaboration and structures that exist for inducing change.

  • Reflect on their own capacity for dealing with conflict and fostering collaboration. 

  • Analyze the notion of trust, its importance in leading change, and the key elements required for making decisions that support change. 

  • Discuss the norms required for a strong and healthy school culture where the arts can thrive 

  • Address the culture of their own buildings and begin to think about the future.  

  • Participants will learn strategies and techniques for addressing culture and climate to increase support of arts education for all students. 

  • Propose and implement an action plan that reduces inequity in student access to fine arts resources, teachers and programs. 

  • Create artistic works in a selected media to reflect their personal identity as a leader and their vision for the role arts in education. 

  • Evaluate the current pedagogical practices and assess alignment to school, district, and/or state strategic priorities. 

Earn 3 CPD credits!  This course consists of 4 face to face sessions (7 hours each) with a focus on leadership development and 17 hours of independent projects and assignments that include studio practices, personal reflection, implementation, collaboration, and research to support the in-course learning.   

Do you have a great idea for a professional development workshop? Tell us about it!

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MAEA is a volunteer organization by teachers for teachers.

MAEA is an affiliation of the NAEA.


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