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Be a Purposeful Advocate!






Have your voice heard in your MARYLAND.  As professional art educators, you know and understand the essential value that visual arts education holds for learners.  But what about others—school leaders, parents, elected representatives, school Board members, local media? What are the critical issues affecting art education?  Join MAEA in strengthening our collective  voice to art education advocacy to ensure equity and access for all students!​




Tell your story!

True, effective advocacy is a daily activity, and it’s most effective when it comes from the local level and from the heart.  Let your voice be heard!


Now is the Time!

The arts are important because creative expression is fundamental to the human condition. And the arts are important because creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship will move us, locally and globally, to grow the economy; educate our children for the 21st century world and workforce; and enhance and strengthen our diverse communities.


Strength in Numbers!

Your involvement and leadership will help get others involved.Your patrons, audiences, parents of your students, business community, educators, and the public at large will only be as committed as you are.  You cannot expect others to be tenacious and committed if you are not tenacious and committed.

It is your duty, and in your best interest, to speak up for the arts in your community.

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