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Maryland Art Education Association

Artist Market

Support MAEA Member Artists!

Check out the amazing art and products from these MAEA members

Michelle Puhl-Price

MAEA Artist: Michelle Puhl-Price
Hand crafted small and large puppets. Each are unique and easy-to-use. Brightly colored and decorated to emphasize their own character style and personality.

Squirrels at a Rave Art Studio

MAEA Artist: Sarah Neubold
Life is nuts!  Art makes it better!  Sarah N. creates colorful mixed media work that is sure to brighten your day!    
IMG_1447 - Sarah Neubold.jpg


MAEA Artist: Barbara Joann Combs
Enjoy the intrigue of original artwork using quality materials that show excellent craftsmanship. The techniques of expressive drawing; Minimalist Cubism; printmaking; and mixed media are used to create in the themes of abstraction, dance, jazz, nature, and portraiture.

Infinity Pond Studios

MAEA Artist: Christopher Whitehead
Stylized portraits drawn and carved into recycled product packaging. Other traditional and alterative media also available. Commissions available. 

Diane Yu Studio

MAEA Artist: Diane Yu
I am currently making connections with the structure of a woven grid, the ritualistic process of dressing a loom, and the stitch patterns of shibori. The process of weaving, dyeing, and stitching fabric informs my drawings and narrative of making art. I bring the process of creating textiles onto paper where you are able to be reminded of the form of cloth and pattern. Sometimes, I work in reverse where the drawing informs the construction of the textile.

 Katie Lillard Art

MAEA Artist:  Katie Lillard
Mixed Media Artist
Losingmyhead withoutbackground.jpg

MAEA Artist:  Elizabeth Krausche
Acrylic painting on canvas. Focusing on interiors and bold color combinations.

Andiland Studio

MAEA Artist:  Andi Rowinski
Andiland Studio is founded by Andi Rowinski, a painter based in Carroll County, MD. Andiland Studio creates unique hand painted items on glass. Some objects are functional, like wine glasses while others are purely decorative. All pieces are made to add beauty to our every day lives. 



Raine Dawn - Creative Balance

MAEA Artist:  Raine Valentine
Hand made fine art and dreamcatchers
Wild (7) - Raine Valentine.png

Lydia Peters Artist

MAEA Artist:  Lydia Peters

Every color has a meaning. Every brush stroke tells a story.
Abstract Artist:  Acrylics on Canvas. Abstract digital portraits



Erin Lehrmann

MAEA Artist:  Erin Lehrmann

 "Alternative-process intaglio prints that begin as mixed-media collages in my sketchbook created from gathered classroom ephemera.

Collecting and layering have become meaningful and necessary processes in my artistic practice, as are play and experimentation. I redraw compositions from my collages onto matboard and incise the matboard to create intaglio prints, over which I layer wintergreen oil transfers to selectively reintroduce color, pattern and texture from the original collages. "    

Lehrmannsquare - Erin Lehrmann.jpg


MAEA Artist:  Katrina Griffis

Fine Art Cards for Women of the Black Diaspora
A little bit of art can make your day, or someone else’s! Blacartitry art cards come in various sizes with different designs, so you can keep them all or give some away and make someone happy. You can frame our art cards too, especially in a collage that’s sized just right, and make a mini-gallery.

My cards document through art, a story of African American life, history, and culture through the Black woman. Each card shows the beauty, diversity, optimism, spirituality, joy, strength, and magic of the Black woman. The inside of my cards are left blank for the giver to fill it with words of inspiration, hope, and love for the recipient.

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