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New Professional Development Workshop Series Across Maryland

What lays the foundation for learning and creating art? What tools, strategies, and methods foster creative inquiry and the development of artistic thinking? What is the lifelong learning that our students will gain from an education in art?

January 26, 2019- Salisbury - SBY Art Space

As teachers perfect the art of art instruction, journals and sketchbooks become an integral part of students reflecting on their own work and formatively self-assessing. In this workshop teachers will begin a personal visual journal/sketchbook to hone their skills, improve their artistic process, and stretch reflective practice.

February 2, 2019- Baltimore- Walters Art Museum

What are the artworks that have cemented our passion for creating and brought us to greater understandings? Explore a rich collection of art and history at the Walters Art Museum in the newly opened 1 West Gallery, formerly an historic home in Baltimore.

March 2, 2019- Hagerstown - Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Photography has fascinated and informed artmaking since its invention and with wide access to digital cameras has now formed a foundation for many young artmakers. Explore ways to invigorate your art practice and teaching with photo processes and works in the Cumberland Valley Artists and Photographers Exhibition.

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