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Maryland Art Education Association

2020 Conference

Friday, October 16

6:00pm - 9:00pm
Mix & Mingle Sessions:


  • Get Your Art Out There

  • WhatchamaDRAWit!

  • Be an ARTvocate!

  • Use Your Artist Eyes: A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

  • Mindful Making

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Saturday, October 17

8:30am - 5:00pm

Synchronous Sessions​
  • Conversations with Colleagues

  • Social Reform through Art Education: One Man's Artful Spirit 

  • Beyond Polite Reform: Art, Advocacy, and Direct Action

  • The Power of Art to Teach Writing: How Artists/Writers Organize Their Work (Organization Trait)

  • Up Cycled Illustration

  • Visualizing Untold Histories of Art Education

  • Learning to Teach in the Time of Corona

  • Mono-prints and Metacognition a Deep Dive into Artistic Thinking and Planning

  • Reaching Our Most Challenging Students -Connecting Students Who Have Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities To Art

  • ADAPTIVE ART: Suggestions for Learning Online

  • Wishes in the Wind

Asynchronous Sessions​
  • An Introduction to Anti-Racist Art Teaching

  • Paper Quilling

  • Contemporary Art in the Elementary Classroom

  • Creating a Safe Space: Our LGBTQ+ Students and Their Allies

  • Fostering Resilience During Turbulent Times Through Educator Self-Care 

  • Is It Art? Data Visualization: How Does Data Visualization Align With the National Core Art Standards?

  • Let's Talk: Engaging Social Action in the Art Room

  • Making Artists: Choice-Based Art Education

  • Self-Care for Art Teachers: The Visual Notes Project

  • Working with Contemporary Art

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